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Exhibition Event

Having the right uniforms during an exhibition gives your brand that additional showcase to your product, why spend on new uniform when can hire for the required days and return back, costing far less than having a new uniform stitched.

For an additional comfort we can provide with your company logo as pocket size. We supply: Dresses – Shirts – Trousers – Ladies/Men Suits (*) Rates vary as per Terms and Conditions.

Please find some of the Ready-to-wear uniform designs available in stock,
please note these are standard sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-Large

Our Ready-To-Wear uniforms are stitched in high-quality and durable.

We can produce any uniform design you have, try our tailoring craftmanship and call
Megastitch on 800-STITCH (784428), or send message on Megastitch WhatsApp (052 577 2995) or
email us on sales@megastitchuae.com – for us to arrange one of our Sales Team to meet you.