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Bespoke Tailoring

Providing world class tailoring and exceptional service.
The kind of service that you remember and the quality of the garments that fit in with your lifestyle, personality and distinctive style

Established in 2000, Megastitch has built a pristine reputation for the craftsmanship for women’s tailoring, to cater for all your wardrobe dreams. Ladies want to look and feel their best they know that there is nothing like wearing a beautifully tailored garment.The richness feel of the fabric, stitching and perfect FIT.

We start with you and then make suit to fit,
as Bespoke tailoring is the original and ultimate

There is nothing quite like wearing a bespoke
garment and our service showcases top quality
tailoring in its finest form.

Each Megastitch customer has a set of measurements made exclusively for them, and when customer place further
orders subject to the garment chosen, we don’t need any fittings,
we simply use existing measurements for a trial.
Simply visit one of our convenient located stores, or call on 800-STITCH (784428) to book an appointment, or send a
WhatsApp message on 052 942 7377, or email us on sales@megastitchuae.com