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House Maids/Driver

Have guests coming to your residence and have additional assistants to aid you. Simply Hire a House Maids or a Drivers uniform, to prelude the 5-Star service, décor and ambiance amongst your guests at your venue.

We supply:- Dresses – Shirts – Trousers – Top/Pant (*) Rates vary as per Terms and Conditions.

Please find some of the Ready-to-wear uniform designs available in stock,
please note these are standard sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-Large

Our Ready-To-Wear uniforms are stitched in high-quality and durable.

We can produce any uniform design you have, try our tailoring craftmanship and call
Megastitch on 800-STITCH (784428), or send message on Megastitch WhatsApp (052 577 2995) or
email us on sales@megastitchuae.com – for us to arrange one of our Sales Team to meet you.